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Super Blue 2® StripeNet

The World's only Never-Wash Anti-Marking System

Super Blue 2 never wash, anti- marking, anti-static systems offer the printer greater benefits. First, because ink never touches the cylinder itself, there is no build-up, thus eliminating the need and time associated with washing transfer and delivery cylinders. Second, improved slip and reduced surface contact allows better release and a longer service life for StripeNet® anti-marking, anti-static nets. Finally, the conductive properties of the textured cylinder base cover material virtually eliminate static electricity by dissipating it, rather than allowing static to build up in the sheets. This is particularly advantageous for printers running a waterless system and printing
on synthetic materials.


  • Specially-treated conductive and frictionless base cover material with an ink repellent net.
  • Precision cut to specific press sizes.
  • Print More for Less with Higher Quality!



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